Environmental Management Plan for the Voyager Quarry,
The Lakes Western Australia.
pla_0001_sm.jpg Approval voyage10.pdf Surface Water Monitoring and Remedial Programme voyager2.pdf Area Specific Noise Management Plan voyager3.pdf BGC Voyager Quarry Blast and Vibration Management Plan 2006 REVISION 5 voyager4.pdf Closure and Rehabilitation Strategy voyager5.pdf Dust Monitoring & Remedial Action Plan voyager6.pdf Fauna Relocation and Habitat Plan voyager7.pdf Groundwater Monitoring and Remedial Programme voyager8.pdf Interim Trap-door Spider Management Plan for Stages 1 and 2 operatio.pdf Operational Noise Measurement Programme Mining Operations Below 5 Metres voyager_.pdf Area Specific Noise Management Plan Overburden Removal Areas 1 and 2 overburd.pdf Overburden Removal Areas 3 and 4 Specific Acoustic Details overbur2.pdf Overburden Removal Areas 5 and 6 Specific Acoustic Details