Growth, the hallmark of BGC's success to date, remains a goal of the Group, and with continued growth will come further contributions to raising standards of housing and to providing stimulating employment opportunities.

As an organisation that doesn't rest on its laurels, BGC remains eager to improve the provision and quality of housing through:

  • the development of more streamlined forms of housing estate development,
  • the design of inventive financing and construction arrangements to enhance the supply of public housing, and
  • the introduction of different building products which extend the environmental efficiency-quality envelope.

The appeal of BGC's adaptive approach to fulfilling customers' requirements has underpinned the Group's increased penetration of Australian and international markets. Continuing investments in manufacturing and distribution facilities will see BGC increase its range of clients and customers in markets beyond Western Australia.

The other facet of BGC's interaction with the community, its sponsorship program, will continue to focus its support on community projects, medical research and education organisations, junior development programs and sporting clubs.

BGC's commitment to superior quality remains a catalyst for future growth. Driven by the desire to be the best in all its undertakings, BGC will remain true to its motto: Building Success.