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BGC Cement is merging its two manufacturing sites in Canning Vale and Naval Base, to create a single manufacturing site in Naval Base.

As a result of the changes, the Naval Base site will be undergoing an upgrade that will provide countless new benefits for our BGC Cement team, including a new office block and car parking facility.

The new one-site model will also allow for a comprehensive safety overview, with the Health Safety and Environment team able to view all aspects of operational safety in one location.

Derek Houareau, BGC Cement General Manager, said it made complete sense to bring the two teams together.

“Expanding into an existing site that can hold all of our capacity just made more sense. It will allow the team to discover new efficiencies, excel growth, reduce overhead costs, and improve communication.

“Alongside operational efficiencies on site, this new structure will allow us to focus on our growth in the Kalgoorlie and mining region.”

The Naval Base site is located in an industrial area, right next to the port. This will support BGC Cement in easy transfer of ISOs to Kalgoorlie.

Additional upgrades to the Naval Base site include a new blending plant that will enable the production, storage and despatch of a range of blended cement products, a new bagging plant capable of blending and bagging a range of cement products, as well as facilities to produce Ultra Crème white cement.

The Naval Base site will become the home manufacturing site for BGC Cement in WA, with a distribution site in Kalgoorlie and a super lab in Hazlemere supporting operations.

The future is bright for the BGC Cement, with a forecast $12.19 million in production to support current projects.


Did you know? The BGC Cement Naval Base site has a production capacity of 1.2 million tonnes per year.