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It’s been an exciting year for Affinity Windows, having been recognised as the best small showroom in the state and Australia in 2022.

On 12th August, Affinity Windows was awarded WA’s small showroom of the year at the 2022 Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA) Gala Awards Dinner held at the Rendezvous Hotel Perth. Only two months later, they were recognised as the best small showroom of the year at the 2022 AGWA NSW State and National Awards Celebration held at L’Aqua Sydney. The Showroom of the Year Award recognised excellence in workmanship, design, functionality, and style of showrooms.

The award-winning showroom was designed by BGC Housing Group Senior Designer Rommel San Jose, with Studio Cult adding extra design appeal with modern décor to assist customers in imagining Affinity Windows products in their homes.

The Affinity Windows showroom beat out the competition with its purely customer-centric design. Every aspect of the showroom connects to the target market, providing a complete product selection experience and increasing interest in windows, doors, and glass products.

The unique, angled layout was applauded as an innovative and clever solution to fit the actual sizes of windows and doors in an intimate space and showcase the fine craftsmanship and quality of each product without any alteration for the sake of showcasing in the display. This layout also complements the natural customer flow around the showroom, directing them to view the next set of products on display.

“It was a significant achievement to win the awards as the showroom was completed within a tight budget. Thank you to the generous contributions from suppliers whilst we moved from Canning Vale to Jandakot.” – Karen Iber, Marketing and Communications Manager, Affinity Windows.