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BGC Asphalt have recently won the prestigious AFPA (Australian flexible Pavement Association) award for safety, for their implementation of an automated paperless docket system.

After a near collision incident in a high traffic area involving a truck driver narrowly avoiding being struck by a reversing asphalt delivery truck, the BGC asphalt senior management team investigated how they could avoid this situation from occurring in the future.
Safety is an issue of paramount importance to the BGC Asphalt team, and thus senior management investigated all avenues pertaining to mitigating human error, cost effectiveness and time & resources with the goal of significantly reducing the risk.

BGC Asphalt made the decision to engage all subcontractors, internal & external parties in order to develop and improve their existing procedures and systems, to mitigate the risk in the given area.

Whilst engaged with all stakeholders, the team were able to use their expertise and feedback and then put it towards the development and implementation of a safer solution to the risk at hand, to ensure the safety improvement could be implemented to all stakeholders.
As a result of this strategy, the team then developed an Automated paperless docketing function, which was then rolled out to all stakeholders to adopt. This new automated function has meant the need for raw material delivery truck drivers to enter this high-risk area has been eliminated, therefore reducing the potential for any future incidents. Further to this, a new caution sign to highlight the risk of reversing vehicles was added as another means of safety.

The BGC Asphalt senior management implemented new procedures and systems, which was then communicated openly to all stakeholders internally and externally. BGC Asphalt encouraged all stakeholders to adopt the safety initiative demonstrated in the findings of the investigation.

In executing this change, BGC Asphalt have identified that the overall safety culture across all stakeholders & personnel within the industry has significantly improved, whilst continuing to encourage further consultation & communication within the industry.

Congratulations to the BGC Asphalt team for their design and implementation of a great initiative that reflects the importance they place on safety.