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BGC welcomed the Premier Hon. Mark McGowan MLA, Deputy Premier Hon. Roger Cook MLA and Minister Alannah McTiernan MLC to our BGC Cement Naval Base facility to announce an exciting collaboration to see Hydrogen powered transport vehicles trialled on WA roads.

Thanks to Woodside’s successful securement of funding from the WA Government’s Renewable Energy Fund, the Hydrogen Refueller @ H2Perth will be established in the Rockingham Industry Zone and lead the way in hydrogen production as a world-scale facility.

BGC welcomes the opportunity to work with Woodside, Centurion and the WA State Government to progress the energy innovations needed to keep our industry powered into the future.

Working together on this trial, we will all gain a better understanding of the operational and scalable qualities of this technology on a very practical level.

The Hydrogen Refueller @H2Perth aims to:

  • supply low cost, renewable hydrogen fuel for local customers;
  • stimulate and enable hydrogen demand in Western Australia; and
  • support State Government objectives for hydrogen to be a significant fuel source for transportation by 2030.

Hydrogen is proposed to be produced using a 2-megawatt electrolyser, powered by renewable energy sourced from the South West Interconnected System. Production will be timed to occur during periods of excess solar in the grid and stored on-site.

Hydrogen Refueller @H2Perth will be available to industrial customers, as well as the public. Through the Program, hydrogen is targeted to be made available at a globally competitive price of A$11 per kilogram for a 10-year period.

As one of the largest fleet operators in WA, BGC is determined to find sustainable alternatives across the entirety of our vertically integrated supply chain to meet operational net zero targets.

This trial is important to the future of mainstream hydrogen uptake across vehicles and machinery in WA, and we look forward to assessing the performance of these vehicles and sharing our learnings broadly to build the case for wider deployment.

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