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Sustainability is the word in focus with the launch of the second issue of BGC Home Magazine – ‘Sustainability Starts at Home’ from BGC Housing Group.

This latest installment of the BGC Home magazine explores what it means to live sustainably from a social, economic, and environmental perspective. There are over 180 pages of useful tips, feature interviews, product insights, industry updates and home inspiration.

At BGC Housing group we aim to lead by example when it comes to sustainability, and this is ultimately reflected in the fact that we were the first home builders in WA to build six-star energy-rated homes as a standard. Sustainability in terms of housing is generally used to describe the process as it applies to the housing industry. This means less waste, more re-use and recycling, together with lower life-cycle environmental impacts and costs, reliability, and lower maintenance for those living in it.

For each small act or change we make, we can create a snowball effect to increase awareness, lower our impact and help create a better future for generations to come. The second edition of the Home Magazine is filled with many small ways that you can help to make a positive difference, from taking a reusable coffee cup with you wherever you go, to investing in block out curtains or shutters, there is so much you can implement for a positive change, that will sacrifice very little.

At BGC Housing Group, we see sustainability in the home as a valuable and essential part of any build. In addition to building NatHERS 6-star homes as standard, we are proud to work with many WA suppliers to provide our customers with energy-efficient and quality homes.

A big thank you to our supplier partners Kleenheat, Plico Energy, Wattyl – A part of Hempel, Trevors Carpets, Waterwise Landscaping, Hettich Group, Consolidated Energy and Gainsborough for their support of this special issue.

Issue two, Sustainability Starts at Home, is available from our award-winning BGC Home Showroom in Osborne Park, and also available to read online.