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BGC Plasterboard has rolled out a new high-performance wet area lining system to replace standard wet plasterboard. 

The new plasterboard, GTEK™ Barrier, uses next generation lining technology that provides superior performance in wet and high humidity areas. This makes it ideal as a substrate under tiles in both residential and commercial applications, using superior abrasion resistance.  

GTEK™ Barrier has been purposefully designed for high traffic commercial areas such as sports arenas, commercial kitchens and laundries, toilets, shower enclosures and cleaning rooms, as well as residential applications.  

Charlie Young, BGC Sales and Marketing Manager said GTEK™ Barrier is a superior product due to its lightweight quality, water resistance and weight capacity.   

“We developed GTEK™ Barrier as a response to customers looking for a better wet area lining system, particularly on steel frames in commercial applications.  

“Customers were having issues with tiles cracking when using other products, so GTEK™ Barrier was the perfect solution. The product’s durable design is like no other. 

“This new product is easier to cut, fasten and install penetrations for pipes and taps than other wet area tile substrates. It has truly revolutionised the plasterboard process.” 

Now used as the standard by BGC Plasterboard, BGC customers will benefit from the quality-tested, sustainable product that is completely compatible with existing BGC interior lining systems.