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BGC Plasterboard offers the extensive GTEK™ range of plasterboards, creating unbeatable quality and value.

Our manufacturing processes deliver the highest standards of quality, value, choice and sustainability. With GTEK™, you are getting longevity, aesthetics, and impeccable workmanship without sacrificing cost effectiveness, environmental responsibility, and excellence.

Our state-of-the-art BGC Plasterboard manufacturing facilities in Perth, and distribution centres in WA, SA and VIC, ensure we are able to supply GTEK™ plasterboard products to wherever they’re needed. It’s part of our commitment to helping Australians build economically and ecologically effective residential and commercial spaces.

BGC Plasterboard
Our team of technical specialists are always on hand to assist with all appropriate specifications and design information assisting you to select the highest quality, most cost-effective, best looking plasterboard product to complete your building or renovation project.

Our Product Range

Wall and Ceilings

  • GTEK™ Wall
  • GTEK™ Ceiling
  • GTEK™ Curve
  • GTEK™ Cornice
  • GTEK™ Smartwall

Fire and Wet Area Resistant

  • GTEK™ Barrier Commercial
  • GTEK™ Barrier Domestic
  • GTEK™ Wet Area
  • GTEK™ Fire
  • GTEK™ Fire and Wet Area
  • GTEK™ Protect

Sound and Impact Resistant

  • GTEK™ Sound
  • GTEK™ Impact
  • GTEK™ Phonic


  • GTEK™ Total Plus


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Perth Office

290 Bushmead Rd,
Hazelmere WA 6055

Sydney Office

Building 2a,
37 Stennett Road,
NSW 2565

Adelaide Office

71 Frost Rd,
Salisbury South SA 5106

Melbourne Office

200 Maidstone St,
Altona VIC 3018


BGC Plasterboard’s GTEK™ range is proudly GECA certified (Good Environmental Choice Australia). This gives us an independent tick of approval that our products and services are better for the environment, helping to make a positive impact whenever possible.

ISO9001 certification

  • Our robust quality management system ensures we put the needs of our customers at the heart of what we do.
  • This certification underlines our drive to provide consistent, sustainable products that offer lasting benefits to all.

Industry Associations

  • HIA

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