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BGC Precast has completed the final deliveries for the landmark hollowcore project for the Forrestfield-Airport Link. The project is the construction of a three-level carpark comprising 22,000 sqm of 400mm deep, 17m spanning hollowcore panels, 3,200 sqm of wall panels, and 238 precast beams.

This prestigious large carpark is part of the new underground rail link to the Perth airport and covers an area at Forrestfield of approximately thirteen thousand square metres and comprising three parking levels.

The negotiations for this prestigious project commenced 4 years ago and involved extensive design collaboration by BGC’s in-house structural engineers to arrive at a cost-effective structure resulting in a winning bid, as the project was put out to tender on a design and construct basis.

BGC Precast are providing over a thousand 17 metre spanning, 40mm deep hollowcore slab panels, supported by 238 precast beams. The 17m span drastically reduces the number of support columns and increases the amenity of the carpark by giving it an open feel. Edge panels, lift and stair cores comprised another 136 wall panels added to the project, with the ramps also being provided in hollowcore.

Large span hollowcore panels reduce the number of support columns required and increase their spacing, resulting in increased amenity for the users. Moreover, the structure consequently has a light airy and modern feel about it when one walks through it.

The carpark project once completed, will be owned by PTA, being the Perth Transport Authority.