Producing more than 1,500,000 tonnes of crushed aggregate a year, BGC Quarries are the major supplier to the civil engineering industry and government authorities.

BGC’s Quarries supply the raw material for the required concrete, roof tiles, block paving products and road construction projects. Backed by BGC, BGC Quarries ensures all logistic deliverables are met with the alignment with BGC Transport’s trucking fleet. BGC Quarries produce Quarry Material for major large commercial projects, whilst also accommodating for smaller scale business and local requirements.

Our dedicated team are led by our experienced Quarry and Quality Managers to ensure that all objectives are achieved at the highest level. Safety is at the forefront of all BGC Quarries operations, with our Health, Safety, Environment and Training Manager reviewing, developing and implementing procedures and workplace practices to ensure compliance with relevant legislations are met and a safe working environment is provided for all personnel.

BGC Quarries

Our product range


  • 20mm through to 5mm
  • Washed, coated or blended
  • All produced and tested in accordance to Australian Standards

Crushed rock subbase

  • Cost-effective base course alternative
  • All produced and tested in accordance to Main Roads Specification 501. Also, for use in Hardstands, Shire and Subdivisional work

Road base – base course

  • All produced and tested in accordance to Main Roads Specification 501
  • Natural Roadbase NRB001


  • Range to 30mm


  • Range to 50mm – please check availability

Quarry Sand

  • Used for concrete mix requirements, horse arenas, under paving and house pads and as fill material


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BGC Quarries

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