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After delays in manufacturing and shipping due to Covid19, the first six of BGC Transports new Volvo Prime Movers and trailers are now on the road.

Four of the new sets have been assigned to the Moora branch to serve the Simcoa contract, giving a new level of safety and reliability for our drivers and clients.

The other two trucks are currently working in the metro area with our most experienced drivers, garnering great results so far.
The new Prime mover Volvos have a host of benefits that will come in handy to optimise both safety and results, some of these benefits include the following-

• A Larger payload due to the lightweight design of the trailers
• Onboard front and rear safety cameras
• New economical “smart” transmissions for better fuel economy
• Improved onboard driver fatigue warning camera
• Forward and side facing radar for hazard avoidance and lane changing coverage
• LED reverse lights covering more points of the trailers for safety at night
• “Quicksilver” bed liner in the trailers to reduce the chance of material sticking in the tray
• The latest ergonomic heated seating from Volvo
• ABS/EBS innovative braking systems for the truck and trailers

The combination of features between better fuel economy and a larger payload, has great positive implications for the environment too. Fewer trips are needed to supply the same amount of product to the client, and the benefits of this flow through with less tyre wear and truck servicing, whilst also consuming less fuel and oil.

Driver feedback so far has been positive, and the team are looking forward to integrating the rest of the trucks into the existing fleet.