Commercial Success

BGC is WA’s largest vertically integrated construction company

We are one of the largest companies in the state, with 16 different businesses across residential construction, commercial construction, and manufacturing. It is the scale of our operations combined with our unique business model that has led us to not only survive but thrive. It is the reason why we have been around for more than 60 years and will continue to be around for many more.

Over the past 6 decades, our company has flourished during the boom periods and persevered through challenging downturns in the market. Today, we stand stronger than ever, with certainty and confidence. We have proven time and time again that we have the strength to weather any storm and we will continue to build on our long history of success.

Commercial Success

How we got here

Our founder Len Buckeridge set out to build a better future for more Western Australians. He established a property development and building company, with the aim of making home ownership more affordable for more people. Determined to fulfil his vision, he continually expanded upon and improved our operations. As WA grew and evolved, so did we, and before long we became the first and only vertically integrated construction company in the state.

Now, we manufacture 60% of the materials that we use across our residential and commercial construction companies. We have complete autonomy over our supply chains, with minimal need to outsource or rely on external parties. From quality control to timeframes, we have the capacity to manage every aspect of our operations, ensuring we can consistently maintain the highest standards. It enables us to operate more cost-effectively and more efficiently, maximising our profitability.

Our customers come first

We know how to leverage our scale, but we owe our success to more than that. We are a big business with a clear vision and a strong customer focused value proposition. No matter whether we are developing new homes or new infrastructure, our goal is to build better communities for people all over Australia. Everything we do comes back to our customers and making sure we are doing our very best by them.

It could be providing an affordable, quality product to a home buyer, using our vertical integration to control our prices. It could be our commitment to sustainability, proactively reducing our impact on the environment through our ESG strategy. It could be our pursuit of innovation, continuously developing new processes and technologies to set the benchmark in the building and construction industry. All of it is driven by the needs of our customers and how we can make their lives even better.