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Floortech launched its new 4c truss in April this year, increasing the service offering of the Western Australian engineered flooring system company.

The truss was developed over a number of years, as FloorTech collaborated with its manufacturer and a number of client design engineers to develop and trial prototypes, culminating in the final design.

The 4c truss, which has a depth of 346mm, allows for increased service runs and particularly benefits plumbing runs and stacks, which had previously faced limitations with the 260mm depth of 3c truss.

The new product development builds on the Floortech Floor System’s reputation as a quick, cost-effective and flexible option for the building and construction industry compared to conventional concrete slabs.

Floortech Manager Scott Wyeth said that as well as increasing capacity for service runs, the new product also significantly improved cost savings.

“Our new 4c truss has proven very popular with our customers, with the final product used on a recent site in Swanbourne to great success,” said Scott.

“In projects requiring longer span, the 4c truss allows for the use of 310mm/360mmUB beams, a deeper and lighter structural steel, offering a much more cost-effective option compared to the heavier beams.”

More information on the 4c truss can be found at floortech.net.au