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Floortech and BGC Housing Group have come together to provide a new offering for our two-storey homes.

Floortech provides builders with innovative solutions that betters every build, by saving time and money with no compromise to quality, functionality and value, and their new offering will enable future BGC homes flexibility and cost-saving benefits.

The 4c truss provides additional depth, allowing for easier plumbing installation from Plumbtechnics, as the extra space allows more room for fittings and pipe runs to ducts. This is a feature that will greatly ease design constraints for the builder.

Air conditioning can now run between the webbing of the 4c truss foregoing the need for truss modification. This is a great advantage as it provides both cost-saving benefits and flexibility of air conditioning changes prior to construction and on-site.

Ian Nichol, general manager of Construction for BGC Housing Group, explains the numerous advantages of employing the new 4c truss for home builds; “The ability to run air conditioning between the webbing of the new 4c truss without the need for truss modification is a great advantage. This allows for both cost benefits and flexibility of air conditioning changes both prior to construction and on-site.

The 3c truss needs pre-determined truss block-out modifications that are costly and not able to be moved if last-minute changes are required”.

The new 4c truss from Floortech is now being used in a majority of our new home builds, with projects with the 4c truss consistently increasing over the past few months.