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Established in 2000, Floortech has played an important role in the building and construction industries for over 20 years.

Floortech is an engineered suspended flooring system that provides a lighter flooring option, with the same strength as conventional concrete. Built-in channels between the beams can accommodate all the necessary ducting, wiring, and plumbing. This gives you far more flexibility during your build—you can move your services around under the flooring, without having to re-engineer the entire design.

We’ve worked closely with leading builders since the beginning, reengineering our products for the benefit of all. The Floortech system has been carefully designed by structural engineers to be fully compliant with the practises and requirements of the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards.

Our breakthrough design in suspended flooring construction is quick to install, easy to construct, offers extensive design flexibility and removes many of the barriers from traditional formwork, concrete and steel reinforcement.


The Floortech suspended flooring construction system saves up to three weeks’ construction time, offers greater sound insulation, and also allows wiring and lighting to be changed post-construction. It is also highly cost-effective, saving both time and labour. With so many benefits to both builders and home buyers alike, Floortech is the trusted name in suspended flooring construction.

Our services

  • Suspended slab and stair construction


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  • HIA

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