The BGC Way

BGC has a long and proud history

Today, our culture and The BGC Way is built on the successes, strengths and ambitions of the organisation and founder, the late Len Buckeridge.

The BGC Way simply tells the story of why we exist (our purpose), what we are focused on (our strategy), and how we do it (our values and behaviours). The BGC Way is at the heart of everything we do, uniting us as we work together, Building the Future for More Australians.

A photo of two staff members pointing and talking


Building the future for more Australians.


  • Creating a safe and high performing organisation.
  • Creating value for our customers and building thriving communities.
  • Leveraging our scale and vertical integration to deliver innovative solutions.


  • We do what is right.
  • We get things done.
  • We are accountable.
  • We work better together.
  • We continually improve.
Our purpose spans across our Australian and New Zealand operations. It speaks not only to building high-quality and sustainable homes, commercial buildings, infrastructure and building products, but to a future where all communities can thrive. It is about building careers and contributing to a safe and sustainable future, which our children and grandchildren can enjoy. Our focus is always on what we can achieve next, consistently evolving and adapting our innovative building products and services to meet the demands of the future.

Our values set out the expectations for how we behave towards each other, our customers, contractors, regulators and all stakeholders in our communities.

We do what is right

I speak up

We get things done

I have a ‘can-do’ attitude

We are accountable

I treat my business and customers as my own

We work better, together

I collaborate and treat people well

We continuously improve

I ask, is there a better way